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Top Trending Skin Care Products Of 2021

SkinStore released its Skincare Report—and it says Americans will spend $15,000 on skin care products during their lifetimes.

Consumers in the US begin shopping for skin care products as teenagers, and according to the SkinStore’s forecast, will spend an average of $322.88 every year—for 47 years. 

Collectively, Americans will spend $18.7 million on skin care in 2021, the report predicts, with an expected growth of 5.01% year-on-year. 

Top Skin Care Products

As the chart above shows, hand cream, lip care, and face tools are the top three trending skin care products of 2021, according to the SkinStore’s report. 

A few highlights:

  • Hand cream is America’s next big skin care product with 1,048,340 searches in the US alone, equating to a 141% growth. 

  • Lip care is the second biggest growing product in the US. 

  • Vitamin C serum is the top skin care product of 2021, with over 1,479,630 searches in the US alone. 

  • Interest in men’s skin care has risen by 400% over the last five years, with skin care companies recording record profits in the billions, growing year-on-year by 16%.

The Ordinary is America’s Favorite Brand

SkinStore analyzed interests according to online searches across the US to name “America’s Favorite Skincare Brand”—and Deciem’s The Ordinary won by a landslide. 

Yearly online searches for The Ordinary increased by 71% last year, with 6,943,140 searches.

Which brands were next? DHC, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, and Skinceuticals. 

See the full report for more, including America’s favorite products, by state. 


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