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The Weeknd Shocks Fans With Botox & Lip Fillers In ‘Save Your Tears’ Music Video

The Weeknd shocked fans with the premiere of his new video, “Save Your Tears”.

The 30-year-old musician continued the story of him changing almost his entire being over the course of multiple videos that started with the “Heartless” video where he parties it up in Las Vegas.

Then, in the “Blinding Lights” video, he’s pictured all bloodied-up, in “In Your Eyes,” he’s decapitated. Then, in “Too Late,” his head gets attached to another guy’s body, and he’s reanimated.

Continuing the arc, The Weeknd actually appeared in public and at award shows all covered in bandages.

Now, after the bandages were taken off, The Weeknd unveiled a new look thanks to some prosthetics.

Don’t worry though, The Weeknd doesn’t actually have lip fillers and didn’t have reconstructive surgery.

He actually looks like this:

Just recently, The Weeknd was spotted out doing some holiday shopping after calling out The Grammys.

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