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The Crucial Role of Skincare for Diabetes Patients to Prevent Complications | News

NEW YORK, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As the prevalence of diabetes rises across the nation, so does the risk of developing serious complications like Diabetic Foot Syndrome, also known as DFS. People living with diabetes have a 25 percent lifetime risk of experiencing high-risk chronic wounds and 15 percent lifetime risk of experiencing foot ulcers. Despite these staggering statistics, DFS is often overlooked and patients are rarely provided with effective preventive options.

Dr. Irina Saretzky, a practicing clinician, dermatologist, and wound healing specialist at the Hospital de Clínicas of the University of Buenos Aires, broke down some of the dangers that pose a risk to people living with diabetes, as well as the importance of quality care and treatments.

According to Dr. Saretzky, most of the foot problems faced by people with diabetes arise from two main complications: nerve damage and poor circulation. Chronic nerve damage can cause dry, cracked skin, creating an entry point for bacteria and infection. Reduced blood flow in lower extremities — feet in particular — frequently causes loss of sensitivity or leg numbness, which allows small blisters to be ignored and progress to serious infections in a matter of days.

“Emollients, in particular, are crucial for skin health in patients with diabetes,” says Dr. Saretzky. “Emollients provide an additional barrier of defense in the skin, preventing dry patches, and reducing friction and the possibility of skin tears or cracks.”

Ointments based on natural components are ideal for caring for diabetics’ skin. In the products Dr. Saretzky is pioneering for Curefini, she uses a combination of several natural ingredients, including cod liver oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax. These ingredients act synergistically, improving skin barriers by preventing the water loss, cracking, and irritation that often comes with diabetic wound infections.

Curefini’s cream and ointment options stand out for providing a quick and effective response in skin protection and promoting the natural healing process, especially in cases of diabetic foot.

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