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scalp massage: Scalp facial, the new hair care trend

Just like your face needs a facial or clean-up to get rid of all the gunk and dirt out of your face, similarly your scalp needs facial too. Well, you are reading it right, scalp facial is popular hair trend at the moment, where you treat your scalp with a divine cleansing treatment.

If you are someone who deals with dandruff or scalp acne or any other scalp related issue, then you must try this treatment because it thoroughly cleanses you scalp and helps a lot with healthy hair growth.

Issues like oiliness, dryness, and even some types of flakes can all be taken care of by dealing with the dirt and debris that’s clogging the follicles. So, by showing your scalp some TLC, you could be headed for the ultimate bout of good hair days.

So, what exactly happens in a scalp facial?

“The treatment basically involves a through scalp examination, after which the scalp is washed properly. The washing process is not the usual one. The scalp is first washed with cleansing product, followed by shampoo and conditioner,” says Raina Sharma, a hair expert.

Though called, this treatment doesn’t include any high-tech technique or product. There are simple things that are used. The main thing about this facial is the scalp massage. “We have a lot of big muscles around the head area. We massage it in the circulation movement. And this is important because it is said that by boosting circulation daily, you can help with hair thickness and growth. It also relaxes your body; this massage helps in complete relaxation from top to bottom. This treat will give you some great results in terms of hair growth, hair health and clean scalp, make sure you go for it at least once a month.,” says Raina

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