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Review: Deborah Mitchell treats us to a facial

The multi-million-pound skincare guru has salons across Europe, the US and the United Arab Emirates. Her hands have carved round the faces of royalty and A-list celebrities. 

Despite her status and renowned name for her innovative use of bee venom in skincare products, Deborah Mitchell is humble. 

She’s in Glasgow for a business trip and tells me her family has ties further to the east of the city towards Lanarkshire. 

Glasgow Times:

And she works her magic around my face, she says she has plans for north of the border, but she’s not ready to reveal them yet. 

The Heaven Skincare CEO – with a business worth £30m – starts my facial off with a comforting couple of minutes of reiki around my body.

It’s a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing processes of their body to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Deborah tells me it will help to revive the energy around my face, thus giving it a better chance of making my complexion softer, brighter and tighter. It’s exactly what I needed.

Then, she moves on to apply her brand’s cleansing cream around my cheeks, nose, forehead and jawline. It is the first of its kind to contain bee venom – which controls the muscles of the face by giving it an immediate tightening and firming effect.

Glasgow Times:

A magical Bee Polish is then applied to the oil-prone zones of my face. It sits for around 10 minutes before it is washed away with a build-up of ‘zombie cells’ that had been lingering on my face.

I’m told the dead cells – often absorbed by the body – had been clogging my pores and, in turn, plaguing me with blackheads. I’m absolutely horrified to see the residue on an Ella Jane wipe.

A clarifying oil serum is then massaged around my face and it truly feels as though Debroah is pushing all of the badness and tension away from my cheeks and jawline and into thin air.

Contrary to belief, I’m told this particular oil will bring an end to my shiny T-zone as it helps to balance the oil levels already on my face by hydrating and feeding my skin. I had been suffering from an oily complexion due to dehydration. 

And finally, I am lathered Heaven Skincare’s youthful moisturiser before Debroah finishes up the reiki session by pulling my energy to my feet. 

Glasgow Times:

I stand feeling content (alebit slightly light-headed and floaty) and now I understand why royalty, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham come to Deborah for this. 

“You’ve come in here looking 25 and you’re leaving looking 15”, I’m told. 

And it’s right – my eyebags weren’t as puffy, the frownline on my forehead had faded and I was glowing.

Deborah’s products are priced from £28 and can be found at www.heavenskincare.com

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