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Lebanese Aesthetic Dr. Amany Sabbagh Reveals Her Most Trusted Products and Procedures

As one of the top aesthetic physicians in Lebanon, Dr. Amany Sabbagh is selective about the products and technology she uses with her clients. With almost a decade of experience, she has established herself as a reputable expert in her field. She began her training with Dr. Nada Soueidan, a leading pioneer in cosmetic dermatology, and has since established herself as an attending aesthetic physician and active partner at NuYuMediSpa, one of the top clinics in Beirut. The entire team at NuYuis dedicated to a high-quality experience. Dr. Sabbagh’s role is two-fold: she performs procedures, including injections, and she delegates to the other specialists in the clinic. In both roles, her primary goal is providing the best emotional and physical experience. This not only requires making sure the client is comfortable and cared for, but that they are always treated with top-of-the-line formulas and products.

In the clinic, Dr. Sabbagh is responsible for specific services and techniques. These largely include injections like Botox, fillers, and skinboosters. Skinboosters are important for stimulating and rejuvenating the skin, as well as providing moisture and lifting effects. Microneedling is a popular service for skin stimulation and boosting collagen production. When combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), it is even more effective for regenerating tissues for smoother, younger looking skin. This procedure, often referred to as a ‘vampire facial’, has been very successful for Dr. Sabbagh’s clients. All of these services have the same thing in common: they take advantage of the natural features of the client and use scientifically formulated products to boost their overall aesthetic and, ultimately, their confidence.

When she is not providing injections and other services, Dr. Sabbagh is ensuring that her clients are getting the rest of their treatments from the right specialists. With a highly skilled team of experts to choose from, she feels confident that they will be in good hands. However, she must be extra vigilant when meeting her clients for the first time to understand exactly what they want. She makes sure to spend plenty of time discussing each person’s underlying motivations for coming to NuYu to understand their unique beauty goals. She will then focus on creating a year-long treatment plan that targets each goal and lays out the procedures needed. This requires her to be patient, compassionate, alert, and knowledgeable about every single machine and treatment offered at the clinic.

Many of the procedures she recommends require sophisticated technology. NuYu never cuts corners when it comes to their equipment. For example, clients can benefit from the Saprano ICE or the Elite+™ Aesthetic WorkStation, both of which are multi-faceted systems offering skin treatments and complete solutions for hair removal. Teens or adults suffering from acne might try the Isolaz®, an FDA-approved laser treatment for mild to moderate acne, or the Fraxel®, a treatment to improve tone, texture and radiance for aging, sun-damaged or scarred skin. The clinic’s range of Hydrafacials can smooth, moisturize, or even reduce signs of aging. Upon registering, all clients at NuYuhave access to these technological solutions, whether struggling with their skin, hair, or even their body shape. Due to the fact that Dr. Sabbagh and her colleagues refuse to compromise on quality, NuYu is truly both a luxury and a scientific experience. Clients can relax knowing that Dr. Sabbagh will have everything under control and, even better, knowing all the procedures are done with trusted formulas and technology.

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