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AI Tech Company Uses Facial Fingerprinting and User Demographics to Revolutionize Public Advertising

Not much has changed for physical public advertising in a long time — sit in any airport, train or bus station and large billboards and signs will be impossible to miss. Some will definitely be digital billboards with the ability to switch between advertisements (a marked improvement), but ultimately these are still a method of marketing that is extremely difficult to track and glean information from. In an age of digital marketing with advanced metrics, tracking pixels and cookies, traditional physical marketing may seem outdated.

Enter Alfi (NASDAQ: ALF), a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology company on a mission to create a public advertising revolution. By using AI software to perform “facial fingerprinting” in tandem with a physical advertisement, Alfi is able to perform real-time analysis of a person’s attention and reactions, along with the effectiveness of an ad. On top of this unique and futuristic capability, it tailors ads from a possible selection by understanding the person’s demographics and possible preferences including attire.

Additionally, as privacy concerns mount regarding an entire swath of tools and products in the digital marketing sector, Alfi’s technology uses a completely privacy-oriented methodology that “works in a way that respects user privacy, without tracking, storing cookies or using identifiable personal information.”

Ads That Help Ridesharing Drivers

One of the innovations that Alfi has already implemented successfully is putting its technology on tablets and placing them in the back seat of ridesharing vehicles. The driver then gets to participate in a revenue-sharing opportunity that pays them to be able to display ads in their backseat, which can increase and significantly supplement the income from rideshare driving.

An environment like the backseat of a ridesharing vehicle reimagines and innovates in the realm of public advertising and provides a prime opportunity for quality advertising. With the compounding bonus of increasing driver pay, this could be a rapidly expanding opportunity for Alfi. In addition, riders do not need to be worried about privacy concerns and data tracking.

With digital advertising experiencing privacy crises, and public advertising facing little innovation and progress, the work that Alfi is doing seems leaps ahead of the current ecosystem. While AI technology has been criticized at times for its ability to detect facial and behavioral cues and churn it into data that can be used for less than ideal purposes, companies like Alfi are helping to build a brighter future of technology with everyone in mind.

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